I would like to thank you very much for the detailed letter you provided for us in our quest to get the house on Kilimanjaro, and also the timely manner in which you provided it for us. Well, we sign tomorrow and your services we integral in the acquisition.

Again, thanks very much for all your professional service.
Josh and Christiane
I was very impressed with your professional attitude and your expertise. Also we were so happy you could get the job done on a Saturday. I look forward to your help with inspections and follow up in the future!

Thank you so much!
Linda Lutz
Metro Brokers, Liberty Associates, LLC
All I can say is that you and Lisa are the best. I'm so glad to have you on my team :) THANK YOU!!!!
Amy H. Chase, MSW, CNE
Metro Brokers Inc. @ Inverness
Thank you, Rick, for your thorough investigation and taking time to educate the Katie and Luke. I will be glad to use your services again and refer you to my other Realtor friends.
Best regards,
Ronda Richardson
Brokers Guild Cherry Creek Ltd
You guys Rock! Never need to worry about inspections again as long as my clients hire you.
Mason Goetz
Thank you so much for the letter & info. We have decided radon is a serious issue. As a realtor for 11 years, it never was a huge concern to me because I was uneducated. Now I'm educated. Thank you! As far as inspectors costing someone money, know it's really saving someone money on each side. Because sellers ultimately become buyers & they are on the other side of the fence, being saved by an inspector.

We are waiting on the response for the inspection notice. We asked for radon mitigation, the deck brought up to code, the tank removed from furnace room (as they have to move it to fix the foundation.) They took Ryan's advice & are fixing the foundation. They are drilling into the foundation on mountain side of home & putting heli-cables.....and I forget what else in to the mountain to stop the movement. Also French drains on the mountain side of home, to prevent further issues. We let the roof go because we will be adding on & remodeling both the interior & exterior of the home over the next few years. We will get the roof ventilated this summer.

So it appears that once the foundation is fixed the home should be fine. We are just happy to moving out of the city! Thanks for all of your time & consideration. I'm taking my RE exam this week & you guys will definitely be hearing from me.
Thanks so much for all your help on this Rick. You guys did a great job and will certainly come with my highest recommendation to anyone in the future (and, if this house doesn't work out for me, you can expect to get another call from me to inspect the next one!
Michael Murray
I wanted to thank you for the quality and knowledgeable job you did inspecting the house that we are interested in purchasing. I appreciate the fact that I can call you with any questions or concerns and that you will continue to help us through this process. The time you took to explain to me personally the things that would need my attention once we obtained possession of the house was outstanding. It helped me in deciding between what I thought should be the sellers responsibility and be outlined in our inspection objection and what I was comfortable with correcting/fixing myself. You also went to great lengths to explain and demonstrate how I will need to care for my new home once I obtain possession and live there. That gave me much needed knowledge and understanding of the house itself and confidence in my abilities as a new home owner while easing a lot of fears that everyone has when buying a home that they know nothing about. The detail you went to in your inspection and the amount of time you took to show me the ins and outs of my new house eased the fears that I had about wondering if I had chosen the right house to buy and helped me see it as not just a house, but my new home. Every house on the market has issues, I know that, but with your guidance and expertise, not only do they not look unmanageable and terrifying, but I'm looking forward to working on my new home and making it my own. I have no fears of horrible and costly surprises and can now move forward with my purchase of the house and I now have the knowledge I need to care for my new home. I'm grateful to you and Lisa for all that you've accomplished for me by inspecting my new home. I couldn't be any happier! It was worth every penny!
Melissa Forrester
Thanks for the report. I really appreciate all of your teaching and thorough examination of the property. The process of buying this home is much less stressful knowing I have such experts helping to make this important decision.
All the best,
Traci Lella
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