When choosing a home it's important to know whether or not the house needs work. A prudent home buyer may want to make an offer to purchase "conditional" upon obtaining a satisfactory home inspection report. Having the home inspected before waiving any conditions gives you the security of knowing what to expect. It helps you make an informed decision about the true condition and cost of upkeep of the home. Let's be honest "Disclosures" just don't give us the details we need. The all too often used, "I Don't Know" condition check-marks does not help you as a buyer.

Our professional Colorado, Front Range, and Denver Home Inspectors are trained to determine the presence of otherwise unsuspected issues within the home, we look for clues and symptoms that an untrained home inspector's eye is unable to connect to an actual defect or current condition. Equally important, is the opportunity to have a thorough explanation of how to operate and maintain the home. It is said, on an average, a buyer will take less than 17 minutes to review a home before deciding to buy. I guarantee you our certified home inspectors will take as long as it takes to perform a thorough home inspection, explain its ramifications and guide you to an expert for resolution of the defect in your dream home.

We recommend shopping around and choose an home inspection company wisely. Look for a professional company, who are certified and insured. Inquire deeply about the experience of the individual Colorado Home Inspector. There is no equal to experience, believe me. At R&L Home Inspections your certified inspector has over 40 years of actual construction and customer service experience. Your safety is our top concern along with finding typical maintenance defects; we take great care to ensure the home is safe and advise you on how to upgrade some older systems to make it even safer.

A quality home inspection includes the entire structure from roof to foundation, the interior and exterior, and all the electro-mechanical systems. An average inspection takes 3 to 4 hours. Time is if essence to our customers and we send two inspectors to reduce your time away from work. We include an electronic drafted report, and normally costs about $250 to $500 depending on the size of the home. We cannot possibly eliminate all the risk associated with home ownership, however we are a value added, information gathering process that gives you a better understanding of your new home. And more security!

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