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"A Simple Electrical Safety Device Right at your Fingertips"

by Rick DeBolt 1/21/2014
denver home inspector, GFCI article

As a professional home inspector we are always concerned about our client's safety. Electrical safety is usually high on our list and we do our best to check all outlets in a home if they are accessible. You will notice that your inspectors will usually recommend upgrading to GFCI outlets in certain areas if they are not present.

So what is a GFCI outlet and why do we endorse its use? We will start with a photo on the right ---->
It is a standard looking receptacle with two outlets but with an additional set of buttons in the center. A test button and a reset button.
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"Simple Dryer Maintenance can Save your Home!"

by Rick DeBolt 11/21/2013
denver home inspector, dryer article

This may be the most talked about issue in home dangers, but as a professional home inspector I am surprised to see that many of us have not even taken the simplest steps to protect our families. Manufacturers and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommend cleaning lint traps before or after each load. Lint is volatile at best and it does not take much to ignite. We must at least do the basics to contain this stuff. Lint is very common, but be advised, it is very dangerous. Why do you think every dryer has a lint filter to recover it so you can dispose of it? We constantly see at our home inspections burnt/charred lint inside dryers and dryer vents. So, annually I get up on my soap box and expound on the dangers of lint and this great machine we call a dryer.
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